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Northern Wildflowers

We’re taking it all the way to Sudbury to say hello to one of our 2021 RT Foundation Award recipients, Northern Wildflowers, who specializes in native seeds with a mission to help its customers create a little slice of wildflower paradise in their at-home gardens.

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Che Churros & Empanadas

Let’s take it over to Montreal for the best-tasting traditional Argentinian food from Che Churros & Empanadas. Eduardo and Ariel – both from Argentina and friends since 2007 – have joined forces (and recipes) to cook unique and delicious churros and empanadas. Ultimately, the pair opened a shop for the people of Montreal. Their success would not be possible without the significant contribution of a third partner, Juliana, who in turn, with her versatility and leadership, knew how to earn her place among her creative and passionate partners.

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Let’s head over to the sunny coast of California to meet Maeck, a pet food and treat company. Unique to Maeck is that all their pet food and treat ingredients do not include meat. By doing so, Maeck’s products can help reduce methane and carbon emissions, which are contributing factors to global warming. To ensure our doggos get their protein, Maeck uses insect protein – which is quite the appetizing treat for our four-legged friends!

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Terrafirma is a BC-based soil technology company that creates regenerative and organic products for all gardening projects, from small condo planters to industrial and commercial use. From the get-go, Terrafirma aimed to make their new business stand up and compete with the big players. The startup came to Rootree for branding and packaging — the Superior Package was a natural fit. Let’s dig into this down-to-earth creative project.

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Riley’s Kitchen

Riley’s Kitchen is a business based out of Barrie, Ontario that specializes in pancake and muffin mixes. They are organic, plant-based, sugar-free, salt-free, and perfect for babies but enjoyed by the whole family! Riley’s Kitchen was started by a Canadian mom, Jennifer, who was looking for a pancake mix that was appropriate to feed her young daughter, Riley. That meant a natural mix with nutritious ingredients and no added sugar.

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