Introducing: Compostable Valves
Come along with Rootree as we give Mother Nature a helping hand, planting 2,021 trees in our local community
It’s been a busy month here at Rootree! From Pumpkins and Plaid, a company-wide fall festival at a local farm, to the launch of our 2nd Annual RT | Foundation Award Contest, to tree planting—we could not be more in the fall spirit, and were here to tell you all about it.

“He who plants a tree, plants hope”

-Lucy Larcom

On Thursday, September 30th, Rootree re-tree-ted to Hamilton, Ontario, where 200 trees and shrubs awaited to plant their roots – what a tree-t!
Trees and shrubs play a vital role in our communities and environment, providing oxygen, improving air quality, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. The importance of planting trees grows beyond its environmental benefits – tree planting builds community spirit and unity. This activity can have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing by reducing stress and encouraging outdoor activities.
Committed to putting the planet first, tree planting combines our values of environmentalism, family, and community into one amazing day.
As an organization, our tree-planting initiatives date back to 2019, where 300 trees were planted at McCraney Creek in partnership with Conservation Halton. Fast-forward two years, not only have the trees grown, but so has our Rootree family. Now, in 2021, many new Rootree employees em-bark-ed on their first-ever tree-(mendous) planting journey. With some help from our friends at Conservation Halton, a bunch of shovels, and great attitudes, we got to work!
Our commitment to the planet extends beyond our packaging, we are literally growing roots in our community. As environmental responsibility is one of our core values, we aim to have a planet-first mindset in everything we do – and, we like to get our hands a little dirty while enjoying the gorgeous fall weather.
With the sun shining and a crisp fall morning breeze, our day started with a planting tutorial from the Conservation Halton crew. When planting trees, learning the proper planting protocol is key. With our ears perked and gardening gloves on, we learned all about how our native plants can thrive and survive if planted properly.
We had the opportunity to plant five different types of native species, including oak, sumac, wild rose. With lots of laughter, teamwork, and watermelon, our team planted 200 trees in just a few hours – time sure flies when you’re digging holes (that’s the saying, right?). Although we were done getting our hands dirty for the day, our efforts didn’t stop there. Conservation Halton planted an additional 1,821 native plants and trees in our local community on behalf of Rootree, split between locations in Halton Hills and Flamborough.
We would like to thank Conservation Halton for teaching us their tree planting ways. It’s safe to say that our second planting initiative was a success. Planting 2,021 trees is no small task, but with teamwork and dedication, we were able to make this goal a reality and in turn foster growth within our organization and community, and plant seeds for a better future.

“From little seeds grow mighty trees.”


We look forward to making more memories and planting in the future. Dedicated to creating positive change in our local community and environment, we are committed to planting even more trees in 2022 – you better be-leaf it!

To learn more about Conservation Halton projects in your community, visit their website.