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Northern Wildflowers

We’re taking it all the way to Sudbury to say hello to one of our 2021 RT Foundation Award recipients, Northern Wildflowers, who specializes in native seeds with a mission to help its customers create a little slice of wildflower paradise in their at-home gardens.

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Wildflower Superfoods

Let’s take a trip out to Calgary, Alberta to meet Katherine, the founder of Wildflower Superfoods. Kathrein wears many hats as an herbalist, a certified nutrition consultant, a mom of two, and an entrepreneur. After becoming certified as a holistic nutritionist, she began experimenting with herbal blends, and VOILA, Wildflower Superfoods was created. Katherine was on a mission to share her creations with the world, to encourage others to incorporate nutritious foods into their body – there was just one thing left… The packaging.

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Coffee by Nora

Calling all coffee and tea lovers, Coffee by Nora is brewing up some delicious tasting blends. This NYC-based boujee coffee and tea company offers blends that provide both luxury and harmony during one of the most sacred rituals of the day – coffee.

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Preshpaws, the perfect healthy treat option for your pup! A small business operating out of the sunny state of California, selling dog treats to the local community. Chloe, the founder of Preshpaws, and her husband were motivated to feed their doggo healthy treats when they discovered that their dog was going to be on medication for the rest of his life, thus, Preshpaws was born. The use of mushrooms in their treats for their nutritious health attributes gives pups the nourishment they need, in a tasty treat! Crafting treats with pure ingredients is at the core of Preshpups and something that Chloe makes a top priority.

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Che Churros & Empanadas

Let’s take it over to Montreal for the best-tasting traditional Argentinian food from Che Churros & Empanadas. Eduardo and Ariel – both from Argentina and friends since 2007 – have joined forces (and recipes) to cook unique and delicious churros and empanadas. Ultimately, the pair opened a shop for the people of Montreal. Their success would not be possible without the significant contribution of a third partner, Juliana, who in turn, with her versatility and leadership, knew how to earn her place among her creative and passionate partners.

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